The Builders Club

Getting kids started on establishing their financial future starts with you. **Builders Club is an incentive based *program offered by Exchange Bank to children under the age of thirteen.

How to participate:

Kids 12 and under who visit an Exchange Bank and open a savings account with an initial deposit of $50.00 or more will be enrolled into the Builders Club program. They will receive a building block “piggybank” and an Exchange Bank Builders Club t-shirt. Kids with existing accounts are eligible to participate in the program and will receive a building block and t-shirt.

1. After opening up an account, children will receive an EB Builders savings booklet, a chart for the block stamps, a block bank, and a t-shirt or bib.

2. Your child will get one stamp per month in which a deposit is made. They may also receive a special coupon for an extra stamp for that month. When the Exchange Bank Teller takes the deposit they will take the savings booklet and put the block stamp in an open box and write the month next to the stamp, or if a coupon was used write coupon.

3. Your child will then be able to bring their stamped chart into the bank every quarter and get a prize out of the EB Builders Store.

4. On the month of their 13th birthday children will get a letter congratulating them on their birthday, and letting them know they have graduated out of the Builders Club. They will still have their savings account, however, it will no longer be part of the Builders Club.

*For additional details please visit your local Exchange Bank Branch.
**Fees may be charged to the account if the average daily balance falls below $50. Fees may reduce earnings.
Some transfer restrictions apply