Zion Lutheran Kearney School Card Program

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Give back every time you shop with our School Visa® Debit Card program. With every purchase, Exchange Bank will donate a portion of the transaction fee to Zion Lutheran Kearney.
Plus we will donate an initial $75.00 when you open a new account with EB.*

All you have to do is swipe your card when making a purchase. There are no restrictions or limits – the more you use your card, the more we will give back (ATM withdrawals are excluded).

Open an account today and Kick start the donations!

Open any checking account with Exchange Bank under EB School Visa® Debit Card program, and we will donate $75.00 to Zion Lutheran Kearney.*

Click here to see if your school is participating in the program.

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From basic to high yield, choose the checking account that works for you.

Take a look and get started today: Checking Accounts.

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Enhanced Online Banking features

Real time Information – Experience real-time transaction data, receiving updates on the fly. No waiting – Retail Online is immediate.

Facial & Thumbprint Recognition – You can now use both Facial and Thumbprint Recognition to log into the Mobile App.

Real-time customizable actionable alerts! With Notifi (SM) you can:
Monitor debit card activity. | Know the moment when a transaction hits your account. | Set Limits on your account and take action on the spot. | Plus Much More!

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Enhanced Debit Card Features

Pay with your Visa Debit Card using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. (Coming Soon).

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SecurLOCK Equip – 24/7 control at your fingertips.

Turn your cards off and on.
Control where your cards can be used.
Receive Instant Alerts.
SecureLock Equip free from your App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schools get to co-brand Exchange Bank Debit cards. A percentage of all interchange earned on co-branded debit cards is returned to the school as a donation.

Schools are required to sign the School Card Program Agreement, this agreement sets forth the percentage of donation based on interchange earned. The Agreement also includes language about appropriate use and permission of use for School and Bank Logos, Marketing Material, and the right to use the name.

No. The school’s only responsibility is to approve designs and marketing material used by Exchange Bank in relation to the School Card Program.

No. Exchange Bank remains the Issuing Institution for the Co-Branded Cards. The school is not responsible for anything related to issuance, management, maintenance, and fraud.

This is a great opportunity for schools to earn donations that are no strings attached. Schools are free to use the funds as they see fit without consulting Exchange Bank as to the use of these specific donated funds.

Anyone with an Exchange Bank checking account that qualifies for a debit card is able to participate. Existing Exchange Bank customers can request to have a new card reissued that participates in the school card program. Exchange Bank will offer a landing page on our website for each participating school that helps guide community members on how to participate in the program.

Exchange Bank is constantly seeking opportunities to engage with our local schools. We felt this program was a great way to provide solid benefits to our local school districts with minimal effort required on the part of the school district. We see this as a great opportunity to provide value in the communities that we serve.

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*The $75.00 donation awarded to the school is a one time gift after a new account is opened. Must be a new customer to Exchange Bank. One per household. Existing accounts and additional accounts are not eligible for the cash bonus BUT ARE ELIGIBLE to become part of the school card program.

Offer subject to change and can expire without notice. The value of this bonus will be reported to the IRS and the recipient (participating school) is responsible for any federal, state or local taxes on this offer. Participating schools will receive bonuses quarterly. Once debit card is order, the account is eligible for the school card program.