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Ag Loans

From 1885 until today, our roots are firmly established in farming, ranching and livestock production. We understand the cycles of agriculture and know that this is not an “in one day, out the next” business. If stability and continuity are important in your banking relationship, look no farther than Exchange Bank. We know what it takes to help our producer-customers run a smart business and manage their finances in ways that make sure their operations grow as fruitfully as their fields and animals. So please give one of our loan officers a call today!

The challenge of farming is that you need money all year long and income isn’t always that predictable. Exchange Bank will put together an operating loan that keeps your cash flow as close as your phone, checkbook or computer.

You’ve had your eye on those acres for years. Acquiring additional farmland requires a special knowledge of agriculture. Exchange Bank has that expertise and we’re ready to put it to work for you, so you can grow your operation profitably.

Sometimes “spit and baling wire” no longer do the trick. We can help structure financing for new or used equipment with your cash flow in mind.

It takes a special type of producer to work in animal agriculture—and a special bank to understand the financial challenges and opportunities. That bank is Exchange Bank.

Just starting out? Needing to expand or restructure your operation, but capital is limited? Exchange Bank works closely with the Farm Service Agency to provide financing when the need arises.