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Commercial Leasing

Since 1998, Exchange Bank has operated a robust commercial leasing division offering our bank customers a professional and convenient option for financing the use or acquisition of equipment used in all types of business. Exchange Bank serves over 260 customers of varying sizes across several states. Exchange Bank offers fast, professional, and convenient service with prompt response to inquiries. The Exchange Bank leasing division specializes in leasing equipment used in the recreation, lodging, and golf industries. The leasing division can work with individuals, corporations (big and small), local municipalities, counties, and states. A variety of payment schedules are accommodated from annual to monthly and from year around to seasonal. Our rates are competitive and our lease operations can handle lease requests in excess of $1 million. Our leasing operations are centered in Kearney; however, Exchange Bank customers at any branch can utilize our expertise and services. If you have any questions please contact our leasing division at (308) 237-7711.

Exchange Bank can help you lease a variety of agricultural equipment from combines to tractors and even specialty equipment such as floaters and spra-coupes.

Exchange Bank offers leasing solutions for all types of medical equipment including, but not limited too, diagnostic equipment, office equipment, furniture, and fixtures.

Exchange Bank specializes in leasing equipment used in recreation and lodging industries including utility vehicles, point of sale equipment and billboards. For golf courses, clubs, and municipalities we lease golf cars, mowing equipment, sprinkler systems, and gps equipment. Exchange Bank currently leases recreation equipment across many states and to a wide variety of customers regardless of the size or scope of the operation.