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Exchange Bank offers customers the convenience of using an Exchange Bank debit card instead of writing checks. All debit card activity is listed on your checking statement to help you ensure that everything with your account is correct. As the standard buying process continues to change this is just another service offered by Exchange Bank to help our customers have 24 hour access to their money and the ability to use it anywhere in the world. For more information about obtaining a Debit/Check card please contact a Personal Banker today.

Fraud Prevention (ATTN: International Traveler’s)

We are serious about doing all we can to protect you from debit card fraud. That is why we are asking you to call us when you plan to travel outside the U.S. We will make sure you’re able to continue using your card without problems. This is just one of the many ways we are working to help ensure your financial security. We would like to thank you for your patronage and encourage you to Contact Us with any questions, comments, and/or concerns you may have about this program. Please direct your questions to your personal bank representative.

You are leaving the country. Now what?

Call Exchange Bank at least 3 Business Days before you leave for your trip.

Exchange Bank will make an exception for the Countries you plan on visiting during your trip.

Please have the start and leave date for your trip ready when you call Exchange Bank.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure please contact a Personal Banker at your local Exchange Bank branch.

VISA Account Updater Service

VISA Account updater (VAU) is a service that will provide your Exchange Bank debit card number and expiration date updates to merchants who maintain card records on their system, typically for recurring customer payments. This is an automatic service for our Exchange Bank debit cardholders. If you wish you opt-out of this service, please send an email with your name and you are wishing to opt-out to or call us at 844-804-6947.

Visa Debit Card FAQ

How does blocking work?

Blocking is most commonly practiced at gas stations, hotels and car rental agencies. Because these retailers generally don’t know how much you will ultimately end up spending, they will put a hold on your credit or debit card for an amount that is higher than the amount you’re quoted when you first hand over the card. For Example: For a $900 three-night hotel stay, a hotel would block $1,200 for five days, all without your knowledge. They do this in case you end up spending more than originally expected. The amount that is blocked varies widely, and it could be a significant sum compared to the actual retail purchase price when the transaction is finalized. Blocking can become a real problem when you pay with your debit card, since it results in money being frozen in your bank account. You will not be able to use that money during the time that it is blocked.

How do you know if your money is being blocked, and how much is being blocked?

Your best defense is to ask the vendor if they block, how much they block, and for how long (note: that often times banks restrict the amount of time merchant’s are allowed to place a hold on funds in your account). That will help determine the best payment option and whether you even want to continue to use that vendor.

Do debit cards help build credit history?

The plain and simple answer is no.

When should I use a debit card?

Debit cards make sense if you are paying monthly bills, daily purchases, at store purchases, and online purchases. However, consumers do need to be aware of the different dispute resolution processes that are used. They are also a great way to spend money without having any negative (or positive) effect on your personal credit rating.

Do you have any extra tips?

Always immediately report Lost/Stolen debit and/or credit cards. Keep your pin safe and private, do not write it on your debit card and DO NOT share it with anyone. Always keep your card information to yourself except during the process of initiating and completing an authorized transaction. Be cautious of retailers/store clerks/etc. that ask to take your card into a private room away from your site as this allows them ample time to grab your card info without your (or their employers) knowledge.

Visa ATM Cards

You may use the automated teller machine card and personal identification number issued to you to initiate transactions at ATM’s. Exchange Bank ATMs accept all Cirrus, Accel Exchange, and Nets approved cards. You may use your card to do the following:

  • Withdraw cash from your checking account.
  • Deposit funds to your checking account.
  • Withdraw cash from your savings account.
  • Deposit funds to your savings account.
  • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts.
  • Obtain balance information on your deposit accounts.
  • *Some of these services may not be available at all ATM’s.

Reference the associated Fee schedule you were given at the time of account opening for a list of associated Fees.

Consumer Credit Cards

Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever. Whether you want to pay down balances faster, maximize cash back, earn rewards or begin building your credit history, we have the ideal card for you!

No matter which card you choose, you’ll enjoy important features like:

  • Convenient and Flexible Purchasing Power. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience.
  • Zero Fraud Liability.* You won’t be liable for fraudulent purchases when your card is lost or stolen.
  • Cardmember Service available 24 hours a day/365 days per year.
  • Plus much more!

*Elan Financial Services provides zero fraud liability for unauthorized transactions. Cardholder must notify Elan Financial Services promptly of any unauthorized use. Certain conditions and limitations may apply.

The creditor and issuer of these cards is Elan Financial Services, pursuant to separate licenses from Visa U.S.A. Inc., and Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.