Other Trust Services

Exchange Bank can serve as Personal Representative for your Estate. As part of these services the details of probate, inventory, payment of final expenses, safeguarding of assets, collection of debts, filing of tax returns and distribution of assets will be handled efficiently and professionally. This can relieve your family and friends from the burden of dealing with these unfamiliar tasks.

A Conservator is a Court Appointed Manager for an individual who cannot handle his/her own financial affairs because of age or illness. Under a typical Conservatorship, the Exchange Bank manages the assets including investment of funds and payment of money for the benefit of the individual. (This service is only available to residents of the State of Kansas.)

A Freedom Account is a simple and affordable account that is easily customized for your individual and family needs. If you are a soldier who is deployed or about to be deployed and do not have a reliable person you can trust with your funds, this account is for you. Exchange Bank can be named as your Power of Attorney to transact your financial affairs if you are unsure about the knowledge and expertise of your spouse, parent, or significant other to manage your money and personal affairs the way you see fit while you are deployed. Exchange Bank has a legal obligation to follow your instructions, investment expertise to protect your assets and offer financial assistance if you request it. Once you are back home you can take over these responsibilities or let Exchange Bank continue to manage part or all of your assets.

This account can be specifically configured to pay your bills, invest for your future, or take care of your loved ones while you are away. Exchange Bank’s Freedom Account can be tailored for whatever needs you might have. Please contact a Trust Department Representative Today at (800) 762-4121 or (785) 762-4121.
<p class=”disclosure”>Investment products are (1)NOT FDIC insured, except for Exchange Bank issued Certificate of Deposit; (2) are not deposits or other obligations of Exchange Bank or guaranteed by Exchange Bank, and (3) involve investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.</p>
<p class=”disclosure”><sup>1</sup>Consult your tax advisor regarding potential tax savings and deductions</p>