Staying Home. Staying Healthy. Staying In Touch. - Exchange Bank

Staying Home. Staying Healthy. Staying In Touch.

A crumpled piece of paper that reads "Social Distancing"

Here are a few ways you can stay connected from anywhere.

  1. Live Chat
    With our LiveChat feature you can talk to me or another bank representative about any banking related question or snags you may come across. We have you covered from product related questions, debit cards, to locking yourself out of your EB Online banking account. Live Chat provides a personal and secures non-intrusive form of contact with an Exchange Bank employee, which is handy in times of social distancing .
  2. Online Banking
    If you have never used online banking and are wondering how, you can sign up for it here. Our Online Banking has many convenient features such as being able to transfer from one account to the other as well as my personal favorite, real-time transactions. This allows me to stay up to date on my account balance.
  3. BillPay
    Social distancing is hard to do when you still have to worry about paying your bills. Don’t worry though, Online Banking gives you the access you need to pay your bills and schedule payments anywhere, anytime. Need to pay a friend or relative? Our Popmoney allows you to send money to any person at any bank.
  4. Mobile Banking
    Have a deposit that needs to be made? Take a picture and deposit it with our mobile app. Our app allows you to access your accounts by facial recognition, at any time regardless of where you are in the world (living room included).

During the crisis of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), EB has had the goal of remaining a reliable financial partner in the ever-changing landscapes of life and banking. We want you to have the confidence that you can bank with us virtually anywhere, anytime, but still have the options to deal with real people, like myself. If online banking is not your cup of tea, please feel free to give us  a call.